Roche - Blus - Mono
Roche - Blus - Mono
Roche - Blus - Mono
Roche - Blus - Mono

Roche - Blus - Mono

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Blus i tunn och lätt stretchig kvalitet från Jascha Stockholm. Kort modell med rak passform och rund halsringning. Blusen har korta ärmar, samt en dekorativ vågformad nederkant och dold dragkedja baktill.

Tillverkad av 97% Polyester och 3% Elastan.

Fintvätt 30 grader.

Krymp upp till 3%

Skickas inom 48 timmar.

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Our Design Philosophy

The Jascha Stockholm design team takes great pride in sourcing high-end fabrics and production in Europe. The goal is to produce sustainable, long-lasting clothes that becomes personal favorites for the people who choose to wear Jascha Stockholm. Working with selected, well proven materials is part of Jascha Stockholm´s design values. Nothing is more sustainable than garments that does not have to be replaced every season. 

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression at a certain time and in a certain context. Part of the fun in fashion is to explore, interpret and create a personal expression of current times.  Jascha Stockholm is a Scandinavian brand with the ambition to create contemporary, high-quality fashion made to last. 

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