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Jascha Stockholm is a Scandinavian brand that infuses vibrant color into timeless pieces.

At Jascha Stockholm, color and Scandinavian heritage are at the core of our brand. We believe that color has a special power to express emotions, reflect personalities, and create moods that words can't fully capture. That's why we're dedicated to using bold and vibrant colors in our collections.

For us, color is more than just a way to look good; it's a way to make a strong statement and stand out from the crowd. Whether it's a bright neon yellow or International Klein blue, we believe that every color can have a unique and memorable impact.

Our love for color goes beyond the clothes we make. We think color can bring happiness and positivity to our customers and the world. By embracing and celebrating color, we want to create an uplifting and inspiring experience for everyone.

At Jascha Stockholm, our distinctive and vibrant color choices let you express your own personality and style. Our carefully designed pieces invite you to embark on a personal journey of self-expression, where our bold colors and timeless Scandinavian aesthetics come together.

"Add a Pop of Color to Your World with Jascha Stockholm"

The Story

Established in 2001 by Creative Director Jascha Trygg, Jascha Stockholm began its journey with a minimalist-inspired melton wool coat, showcasing a unique collar and discreet buttons. The coat quickly gained acclaim, catching the attention of Nordiska Kompaniet and becoming an instant sensation. This milestone propelled Jascha from academia to a fashion career.

Jascha Stockholm is now a family-run fashion brand, working together to build a modern and approachable fashion company. The inspiration for the brand comes from music, travel, food, and entrepreneurship.

Jascha Stockholm is a Scandinavian fashion brand that takes pride in infusing vibrant colors into timeless pieces. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to quality, Jascha Stockholm offers a unique blend of Scandinavian aesthetics and contemporary design. Each garment is thoughtfully crafted to combine enduring style with a bold, playful use of color. From elegant coats to versatile everyday wear, Jascha Stockholm brings a colorful and vibrant approach to Scandinavian fashion, allowing individuals to express their unique sense of style with confidence.