Privacy Policy


In this privacy policy, we describe what information we collect, for what purpose and for what purposes it is collected and in what way you can have control over your information. This privacy policy applies when you shop in our web shop, subscribe to our newsletter or use our website which is administered by Jascha Sales AB 556926-7924

All processing of personal data within Jascha Sales AB 556926-7924 takes place in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. Within the EU / EEA, the so-called Data Protection Regulation applies from 25 May 2018; GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

This privacy policy applies immediately to new customers (registration / subscription to newsletters) and from 25 May 2018 for existing customers.


The person responsible for personal data is

Jascha Sales AB 556926-7924 in the following document called Jascha Stockholm / vi. Jascha Stockholm is responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with the principles set out in this privacy policy.


If you register for a newsletter with us or provide personal information in connection with a purchase, you agree to share your personal information and agree that that information will be stored in our systems.

We need your personal information to be able to handle your order / purchase and to provide you with good service in terms of marketing, follow-up, possible return handling and information. We may also need to process your personal data in order to comply with statutory or other requirements, such as the Accounting Act's requirement to save data.

We collect and store such information that you provide on Jascha Stockholm's website or that you provide to us in our physical stores.

Specification of which personal data and for what purpose we collect data about you.

- Order / Buyer - Name

- Social security number

- Contact information, such as address, e-mail and mobile phone number

- Payment history

- Payment information

- Purchase information ex. which item has been ordered or whether the item is to be delivered to another address.

The above information is collected in order to perform our assignment / purchase agreement towards you as a customer in the form of:

Delivery, including notification or other contact regarding delivery


- Identification and age control

- Handling of payment

- Handling of any complaint matters


Information as above is stored with us until the purchase has been completed, including delivery and payment and thereafter for 24 months to be able to handle any complaints.


2. Customer service matters

- Name

- Social security number

- Contact information, such as address, e-mail and mobile phone number

- Correspondence

- Information about your purchase

The above information is collected in order to satisfactorily handle customer service matters for you as a customer, which includes:

- Communication via our customer service; via phone, digital channels or social media

- Identification

Investigation of any complaints or other complaints that have arisen

This information is stored until the case is closed and thereafter for (6 months)


3. Marketing

- Name

- Email

- Phone number


The above information has been collected in accordance with applicable rules to continuously provide you with information, tips and offers in our stores and includes


- Distribution of newsletters

- SMS sending


This information is stored until the registration / subscription is completed. This can always be done manually by you as a customer on each mailing or by contacting us at

We never pass on your personal information to third parties. Should this happen, we will obtain your consent.


4. Compliance with legal obligations


- Name

- Social security number

- Contact information, such as address, e-mail and mobile number

- Currency history and transactions

The above information is processed to comply with the accounting legislation and the money laundering legislation. The processing is necessary to comply with forced laws, i.e. the Accounting Act and the money laundering legislation. This collection of your personal information is required by law. If the information is not provided, our legal obligation can not be fulfilled and we are therefore forced to deny you the purchase. These data are processed for seven (7) years in accordance with the Accounting Act and money laundering legislation.


In cases where it is necessary to fulfill our obligations to you as a customer, we share your personal information with companies that are so-called personal data assistants for us. A personal data assistant is a company that processes information on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions and undertakes to process your personal data in accordance with prescribed rules. Jascha Stockholm has personal data assistants for:

- Transporter

- Payment solutions such as card redeeming companies, banks and other payment service providers

- Marketing in the form of obtaining e-mail addresses such as digital agencies

- IT companies that handle the necessary operation, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions


We also share your personal data with certain companies that are independently responsible for personal data. This means that the company itself controls the information provided to the company and not Jascha Stockholm. Independent personal data controllers with whom we share your personal data:

- State authorities such as the police, the tax authorities or other authorities that we are obliged to do by law or in case of suspicion of crime.

- Companies that handle general goods transport such as logistics companies and freight forwarders.

- Companies that offer payment solutions such as card redeeming companies, banks and other payment service providers.


When your personal data is shared with a company that is independently responsible for personal data, the company's privacy policy and personal data management apply.


We store and process your personal data on our or IT suppliers' servers and undertake to provide appropriate protection for your personal data.

We use a number of measures to prevent unauthorized processing and access to our customers' personal data. Some of the security measures we use are alarms, firewalls and access controls. Your card information is sent directly to our payment provider, information is not saved in our systems.


Subject to the restrictions that follow from data protection legislation within the EEA, you have some rights regarding your personal data. You have the right to access, correct, restrict, delete and anonymize. Please contact us at if you want to apply any or all of these rights.

We may deny your request if there is a legal obligation to prevent us from deleting information, such as accounting and tax laws.

You are of course welcome to contact us at at any time

This policy applies from 3 Mars 2024 and is valid until further notice.