About Jascha Stockholm

The brand was originally founded in 2001 by Creative Director Jascha Trygg with the idea of a minimalistic influenced melton wool coat with a distinct collar and hidden buttons. The coat was sold to Nordiska Kompaniet and was an instant hit. Jascha swiftly went from Academic to full-time fashion worker.

In 2009 Jascha's two younger brothers Jonas & Marc joined the company in order to pursue the vision of creating a contemporary fashion brand. Today the company is run by the brothers Jascha, Jonas & Marc. The brothers share a common passion for music, travel, food and building businesses.

Jascha Stockholm is a playful take on Scandinavian fashion. The ambition is to create contemporary, high-quality fashion made to last. Everyday clothing that effortless transitions from work to play.

Our Design

The Jascha Stockholm design team takes great pride in sourcing high-end fabrics and production in Europe. The goal is to produce sustainable, long-lasting clothes that becomes personal favorites for the people that choose to wear Jascha Stockholm. Working with selected, well-proven materials is a core part of Jascha Stockholm's design values. Nothing is more sustainable than garments that does not have to be replaced every season.

Part of the fun of fashion is the organic ever-changing aesthetic expression of a certain context and time. To explore, interpret and create a personal expression of this is Jascha Stockholm’s mission.

Behind the clothes

Victor Ko

Hunting For Fabrics

Production manager Nadja in action at Premiere Vision Paris working to secure top notch production.
K.a Joben

At Cph fashionweek

Creative Director Jascha Trygg on location at Copenhagen Fashionweek. Getting a glimpse of the sun outside in Kødbyn.
Richard Bauer

Ahead of the curve

Jascha Stockholm CEO Jonas Melin works hard to stay ahead of the curve.